Wildflower Meadows


Projects can include the creation and management of Wildflower Habitat Meadows and Wildlife Refuges, providing homes to some of our most threatened wildflower and wildlife species which:

  • Are cost-effective
  • Increase biodiversity 
  • Attract wildlife including birds, bees and other pollinating insects
  • Reduce the threat of extinction for wildflowers and honeybees
  • Can fit small-scale areas such as small urban areas, roadside verges, gardens and roundabouts

At Eco Designs we understand the demanding set of conditions wildflowers need to become established and how different species adapt to different sets of conditions. 

Reed Beds & Water Projects

Reed Bed

Eco Designs specialise in the design of vertical flowreed bed systems, swale drainage, rainwater recycling and other water sensitive projects.

We can provide:

  • Projected capacity survey data
  • Advice on drainage & discharge consents
  • Soil, percolation and water quality tests
  • Accredited laboratory analysis
  • Designs for sustainable urban drainage systems

Our eco friendly drainage projects can:

  • Offer low capital outlay costs
  • Have very low running costs
  • Offer low maintenance and ongoing costs
  • Withstand a wide range of operating conditions
  • Be ideal for off-grid locations and those without mains drainage
  • Provide organic treatment of drainage water and storm flows